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This is a place for metalsmiths to gather and share techniques, tips, ideas, and sources, and to get feedback on their work. We're interested in torches and soldering, forging and chasing, casting and riveting, CNC and RP machines, tools and techniques, new ideas, and so on.

The focus here is on metalwork. While we respect other media like beading, chain mail, and wirework, there are other communities focused on those types of work (see below).

We are doing monthly projects! Go here for more information.

Regarding Images
Please cut all large images. Smaller images and thumbnails can be outside of the cut. You can learn how to use the lj-cut command here.

Regarding Text Modifications
Please leave text size, color, justification, and font alone, as a courtesy to other members.

Regarding Advertising
Sales of tools and supplies related to metalsmithing, as well as finished work made with metalsmithing techniques, can be advertised: advertisements can be posted once a week and every advertisement must include at least one image of the item(s) for sale. Communities related related to jewelry and/or metalsmithing can be advertised once each. No unrelated advertising is allowed.

DO NOT turn off comments on any post. That defeats the purpose of this community, which is discussion and exchange.

POSTS THAT BREAK THESE RULES will receive one comment asking the poster to edit them, after which they will be deleted. Posts with comments turned off and posts that advertise totally unrelated things will be deleted with no warning.

Other jewelry communities:


Helpful links for supplies:

Hoover & Stong
Rio Grande
CC Silver
Thunderbird Supply
Santa Fe Jewelry Supply
Monster Slayer

If you know of any to add, feel free to contact the moderators and suggest it.

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